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The tarot cards are my medium to give you more insight in your past, present, future, and subconscious. Therefore I can help you on your path to enlightenment and provide clarification concerning your burning questions.

Furthermore, a consultation always brings spiritual advice, psychological support and insight into yourself or a situation.


I descend from a long line of fortune-tellers on my mother's side. My family tree goes back with certainty until the beginning of the 19th century.
I have been working with card readings for more than 20 years and use the Tarot, Lenormand and Gypsy cards. But astrology is not strange to me either.

During my education I studied psychology and social studies for 3 years. But, in practice, I noticed at a young age that tarot card readings and astrology not only serve to make predictions, but are also very useful tools for the Spiritual Coach. This put me on a new path.
In that sense I have both an eye for traditional practices and for contemporary insights.